Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Mustache

So, I know that mustaches are very popular now and, although I'm not a huge fan, some guys can really pull it off....I thought it would be fun to feature some of my faves. Please comment if you like. =)

Now, I do have to mention my inspiration. My husband grows a beard (with mustache) every winter. It grows in nicely, but the mustache isn't too terribly thick...but not sparse ala Joe Dirt (hehe) ...anyway, we took the kids out to dinner and the manager there had a very enviable, thick mustache. It looked as if it would be a handlebar soon. It was so great that even Sam Elliot would approve.

Ok, so let me find some pics to post here....let's have fun with this shall we???

There were so many to choose from! This was really hard...there are blogs dedicated to mustaches...there are mustache clubs....oh well, I had some fun with it. =)

P.S. I think the boxer guy is pretty hot...yes, mustache and all. I just love the commercials.

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